The Beggar Booklet

The Beggar Booklet

The Beggar Booklet

The Beggar Booklet – Is The Your Plan For The Next 30 Years

The Beggar Booklet is designed to offer alternatives to those of us that are down on our luck!

When we have been kicked around by life long enough we may end up in a position that we just can’t seem to think our way out of!

I dare say those reading this are not the target of this post! Those that are down on their luck will most likely not have the Internet?

So as you take advantage of the option provided on this website please keep in mind that you are most likely the conduit through which help can reach those that are down on their luck.

The Beggar Booklet, “Is This Your Plan For The Next 30 Years” may seem a little stern but it is meant to be thought provoking! For the right people this title will hit them right between the eyes, so to speak. It’s these people who will take the question seriously! It will make them realize 30 years is a long time. It will also help them realize they have a long time to live this life, in a good way.

This beggar booklet is also an excellent resource for that Son (or Daughter) that believes he (or she) is better than $9.00 an hour!

We have laid out the realities of the American Workforce, and unfortunately if the employers are only paying $9.00 an hour that is all we are worth. We have to do what we can until we find that Employer who pays $15.00 to $20.00 an hour.

In the beggar Booklet we walk a person through the steps of working the hours needed to live certain lifestyles!

We have included the Basics of living under a budget and much more.

The way we are going to help these people that are down on their luck is you are going to buy a few of these Booklets from us! You are going to keep them in your car so that when you come to a corner with a Person begging with a Card Board Sign you are going to put a few dollars in the Beggar Booklet so they are sticking out the top. This way the individual asking for help can see the Beggar Booklet and money!

You are simply going to ask the person, as you are showing him the Booklet, “Will you read this”!

If he (or she) responds with, “Sure” or “Yes” hand them the Beggar Booklet!

Please believe me, you will have done more for them than you know!

This doesn’t mean they will accept the help, but you have tried!

Please do not expect over night results! It will take a person a few days to read the Beggar booklet! Maybe a few weeks for the information to set in! And once they start the process of finding 40 to 70 hours of work each week they will never be seen standing on the corner again.

With that said, if the same person is begging on the Street Corner 2 months after they received the Beggar Booklet from you, you do not have to accept the false guilt trip they place on us! You are free to ignore them or give them more money!

If your city is like Lansing Michigan you shouldn’t need more than 10 to 15 of these Booklets! I personally, for the most part see the same people!

But Churches, Stores, Shops and Non-profits may be interested in larger quantities?

Now and then I see people that really need help because of their age or crippled bodies! These people need our help and the Beggar Booklet may be inappropriate for them?

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