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Americans Connected is Socializing At Its Best!

Americans Connected is Socializing At Its Best!

Americans Connected Is A Social Network For Socializing

Americans Connected is excited to present Americans with a Family Friendly Social Network!

Americans Connected has no Targeted Advertising!

Americans Connected has no pay per click!

Americans Connected has no insane Browser Take-Over Pop-Ups!

Americans Connected has no Email Membership Lists we give to other entities!

We are simply offering America a Social Network. Start socializing with your Friends And Families!

You will Socialize on Americans Connected Privately or Publicly! Its up to you!

This Social Network offers a Forum and Group Ownerships for the right Administrators.

We have an Instant Message Chat Box for real time communication. Chat with your Friends and Family in real time.

I’ve finally decided its time to put a Social Network up to give people in general an Alternative to Facebook!

Those interested in signing up need to email me at

Contact Americans Connected

I’m getting 100 visits a day from Fake Traffic! I was getting over 8,000 visits a months and finally had to turn off the “Anyone Can Register”!

If you don’t Email me I might delete your request by accident!

Americans Connected will promote a wide range of topics. Everything from Homeopathic Alternatives (to Medicine) to Entrepreneurial endeavors! We will do this within the Social Network and through Joint Ventures with other websites!

At present Americans Connected doesn’t have the resources to allow unlimited Photo and Youtube Video postings. Give it a little time and we will solve that problem.

Americans Connected is taking its business model from Old School America! If we don’t have Real Products and Services to offer Americans we will not be around for long!

Offering Products and Services that are needed is how we intend on funding Americans Connected!

Please do not hesitate Contacting Us if Americans Connected is something that you would like to participate in! We are at the ground level of this start up. We need people with a vision for an internet that’s a little more Family Friendly!

Unfortunately we are looking for volunteers to start! It wont be long before we will be filling the Business Positions with the right people!

We would appreciate any advice you might have! Suggestions are welcome as well.

The guiding principles we are proceeding with are as follows.

* No Shoe, No Shirt, No Service!

* Children Under 18 are not the problem. People over 18 will post content appropriate to all ages!

* We believe Politics And Religion Do Combine! Both are a part of America!

Friends Of Faith

We believe this is enough information to begin with! We trust you understand the direction Americans Connected is headed!

Let Socialize!

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