Americans Connected Is Mom And Pop Shops

Americans Connected Mom And Pop Shops Is America Connected! [embedplusvideo height=”270″ width=”560″ editlink=”” standard=”″ vars=”ytid=SDfIIv7WntA&width=560&height=270&start=1&stop=&rs=w&hd=1&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=¬es=60Americans+Connected+Is+For+Mom+And+Pop+Shops!” id=”ep1327″ /] I’m going to provide FREE Marketing to every Business and Church in major…

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Why Subscribe

Michigan Connected A Paid Subscription To Michigan Connected Is Good! We would like to explain why every Business, Employer and Church needs the Paid Monthly Subscription. Michigan Connected is The…

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Tutorial For Navigating Michigan Connected

This is the Tutorial for Navigating Michigan connected! This is just a test but so far it seems successful!


The Homeless And Convicted Felons Are Caught In A Catch 22!

Homeless People That Will Accept Real Help Should Have Access To It!

The Homeless That Want Their Lives Back Should Get The Help! I have personally gone to the Shelters here in Lansing Michigan to try to Help! These Shelters don’t care about anything you or I have to say! They really don’t! They have their little game plan going and enough Bleeding hearts supporting efforts that…


The Street Corner Beggar Holding A Cardboard Sign?

Standing On A Corner With A Cardboard Sign!

Begging With A Cardboard Sign Is Not The Solution! A Cardboard Sign on Laundry day is getting old. On my way to the Laundromat I drove through five intersection with the ever popular individuals standing on the corner holding signs! As usual the signs read, “Help”, “Down on my luck” and other things! I’m posting…


Mom And Pop Shops Is Americans Connected

Americans Connected Inc is Mom And Pop Shops

Mom And Pop Shops Is The Backbone Of America! Mom And Pop Shops is the glue that holds America together! I’m going to provide FREE Marketing to every Business and Church in major American Cities with 70,000 people or more, to start! I’m also going to give every Employer in those cities FREE Advertising to…