The Schoolmaster Bible Journal In A Nutshell

The Schoolmaster Bible Journal

The Schoolmaster Bible Journal

A Description Of The Schoolmaster Bible Journal

The Schoolmaster Journal is the best tool that a student of the Bible can have! One starts at

Genesis 1:1 and simply reads One word at a time. They continue and read one Phrase at a time. They continue to read one Sentence at a time. Then they read one verse at a Time! The goal is to identify ONE Subject at a time. They will continue One Chapter at a time until they have made their way to Deuteronomy 34:12. There is no skipping around the First Five Books of the Bible. You start at the beginning and go to the last verse of the Torah.

With each word, Phrase and Subject read the Bible Studier turns to the Schoolmaster Journal and places each topic and Verse Reference in its appropriate section of the Schoolmaster.

At present the Schoolmaster has 28 Categories and over 300 Topics! The main objective of the

Schoolmaster Journal is for a Believer to take their time and patiently study the First Five Books of the Bible properly! This is done by Categorizing the Torah into as many topics as possible!

When you look at the Schoolmaster for the first time you most likely will come to the wrong conclusion. The Schoolmaster is your Fresh start with the Bible. This means that my opinion doesn’t matter when it comes to you studying the Bible on your own!

Yes, it might take some coaching for people to completely grasp how the Schoolmaster Bible Journal works. But this doesn’t mean the Coaches guide you into Doctrine or Theology!

Your goal is to come up with the Truth and the Spirit and Intent of what Moses gave to the Hebrews. Your goal is not to come up with Doctrine or Theology, it’s simply to find out what HaShem gave to Moses. You want to know what Moses gave to the Hebrews. After you understand these things you will know what HaShem wants to give to you! That’s it!

The next two statements may seem confusing at first.

The Whole Bible is contained in the First Five Books of the Bible! The Schoolmaster is a study of the whole Bible!

The First Five Books contain every Hebrew, Jewish and Christian Doctrine there is. The rest of the Bible contains the Apostasy and Backsliding Mankind always takes to himself! The rest of the Bible also contains confirmation of the Torah!

The best part of the First Five Books of the Bible is Prophecy! All the types and Foreshadows of Yehoshua that are clearly (and not so clearly) laid forth! The New Testament is the Confirmation of the Torah!

This is what I mean by the Whole Bible is contained in the First Five Books of the Bible!

One must understand that the Schoolmaster Bible Journal is not the focal point, the focal point is the First Five Books of the Bible! One must thoroughly familiarize themselves with the Indexes of the Schoolmaster Bible Journal. Then as each subject and topic is identified it can be efficiently placed in its proper place, in the Schoolmaster.

This is why it is imperative that every Believing Jew and Christian (catholic or Protestant) spend the next Five Years doing their own Schoolmaster / Torah Scroll Bible Study!

* * *

Who is the Schoolmaster for?

1. Individuals that want to know what the Bible says, their reasons are their own!

A. Hopefully the reason is simply to Know the Truth!

B. Every Individual should have their own Schoolmaster to complete.

2. Families

A. Couples could study the Bible together, as a part of their Daily Devotions.

B. Parents should start their children on their own Schoolmaster as soon as the Children can read, but timed so the children finish their personal Schoolmasters before puberty is reached.

C. While Parents and older children work on the Schoolmaster Bible Journal together Children ages 1 to 6 (or so) could be given a spiral note book to doodle in so they can take part in the Family time.

D. As young children reach the age to actually start their own Schoolmasters Mom and Dad may have to alternate, by splitting the children up into groups so the older children continue on their Schedule.

3. Bible Study Groups

A. I’m not in favor of Groups filling in the Journals together!

B. Meeting in Groups to compare notes sounds like a good idea as long as people don’t copy the work of others.

4. Jail and Prison Inmates that have at least 6 months of TIME left are the perfect candidates for the Schoolmaster Bible Journal.

* * *

At first, even second or third glance the Schoolmaster Bible Journal may seem way to complicated. But I promise that it isn’t! The biggest problem with the Schoolmaster is the perceived complexity of the Bible in our minds! The Schoolmaster Bible Journal actually simplifies the Bible!

When I was 14 years old I picked up my Bible and started reading at Genesis 1:1 and by the third page I sighed, thumbed through all the pages of my Bible and thought, “What am I going to do with all this?”! I still remember feeling overwhelmed at how much work and study would be needed to figure out the Bible!

The Bible is Complex if we try to study it and remember all of it with our memories alone!

After years of stumbling around trying to figure out what to do with the Bible the Schoolmaster Bible Journal finally presented itself to my mind!

The Bible can be figured out to some extent by every one, including Atheists.

Again, what the Schoolmaster does is to categorize some 28 Topics into 300 plus Subjects.

The Schoolmaster isn’t the focus and this is what must be kept in mind!

Every single Pastor on the planet tells their Congregation to devote some daily time for Pray and

Bible Study! This is exactly what I’m demanding as well! Just 20 minutes a day to start with!

So far the biggest complaint I have been given is, “But that’s the Law, We are under Grace”!

Well, start at Genesis 1:1 and stop at Exodus 19:25! I challenge anyone to come up with a reason to not study this portion of the Bible!

Now here’s the problem with this. I’m confident that by the time a person gets to Exodus 19:25 they will completely understand and they wont even hesitate as they start studying Exodus chapter 20!

Once a person has gone through the First Five Books of the Bible at least once they will never separate their Schoolmaster Journal from their Bible! Where their Bible goes their Schoolmaster Journal will go also!

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The Schoolmaster Bible Journal In A Nutshell
At first, even second or third glance the Schoolmaster Bible Journal may seem way to complicated. But I promise that it isn't! The biggest problem with the Schoolmaster is the

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