Jesus Transliterated From Yehoshua Is Correct

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Jesus Transliterated Into Greek And Hebrew Is Yehoshua

Jesus Transliterated is Yehoshua

Jesus Transliterated is Yehoshua


The previous three columns, Greek, Hebrew and English are my best attempt at trying to figure this Sacred Name / Transliteration mess out! Let’s look at the word Jesus Transliterated.

The Greek Ee-ay-sooce’, Hebrew Yeshua and English Jesu+s are all the same word in Three different Languages!

The Latin is ‘IHS’ which again is

‘I’ = Ee (Greek)                       Yahh (Hebrew)                        ‘Y’ then ‘J’ (English)

‘H’ = ay (Greek)                      Ho (Hebrew)                            ‘e’ (English)

‘S’ = soo (Greek)                    shua (Hebrew)                         ‘su’ (English)

……………………………………………………………………Plus the ‘S’

This is the closest I can come to demonstrating that the spelling JESUS Transliterated is correct! The word JESUS is the English form for the Messiah and it comes directly from the Hebrew word Yehoshua!

Originally I wanted to use the ‫ח‬ Cheyth (khayth) with the German CH instead of the ‫ש‬ Siyn seen when it came to the Je’S’us!

The second “S” in the Title Jesus makes the Name masculine (Greek Grammar)!

Think back to the Jesus Christ Study! The New Testament Words ‘Noe’ are pronounced Noah, by most of us!

So when we see the Word (Name) Jesus Transliterated we might say Je-Su, Change the “J” back to “Y” and all of a sudden the word “JESUS” becomes “Yesu”! This is Yeshu or Yehoshua!

(Yehoshua) Jesus Transliterated into Greek and then Latin is Jesus!

Her is my disclaimer!

I haven’t been taught Greek, Hebrew or Latin, and very little English! So you must understand that this is merely the result of my own personal studies!

I know this, there isn’t a single Preacher or Ministry that I have come across that has settled the Sacred Name Issue. No one has even remotely addressed it in a rational, Logical manner! Most simply declare their position as correct!

Well, if nothing else I believe this study is enough to make you say Hmmmm!


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