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    Joining “Friends Of Faith Standards” means the Members agree to the following Standards!
    These Standards will be modified as required!
    Membership in this Group is Mandatory!
    Posts with Links promoting entities other than “Friends Of Faith” will be deleted!
    “Friends Of Faiith” is the Equal And Opposite Reaction to the Vast majority of Insanity Websites are filled with.
    “Friends Of Faith” is a Family Friendly Social Network! This is the only thing that matters!
    All Content Posted by Members will be appropriate for All Ages! If 5 (five) year old Children shouldn’t see your posts you agree to not post it!
    All Members will post some kind of accurate Profile with a Photo!
    All members will Respect fellow Members!
    Extreme care will be exercised when subjects of a Sexual Nature are underway!
    The rule is, “18 and over”! If a person has to be 18 or older to take part in the content of your Posts, your posts will not be allowed.
    Before suggesting a New Group we ask that you look through the existing Groups! Your suggestion may be more appropriate in an existing Group’s Forum as a Forum Topic?
    “Friends Of Faith” is not here to promote Business Opportunities of any kind! We have other websites for that! Members sneaking Links in will be banned.
    “Friends Of Faith” will not be used as a platform to promote Ministries! There will be no solicitation! Even Prayer requests can be a form of manipulation for money. We are working on a Prayer Group!
    Administrators are not going to spend time approving Links to Other Entities of any kind! Approving Posts would require Membership Fees.
    Administrator detecting illegal activity of any kind will report it to the appropriate Authorities!
    There is no 3 strikes and you’re out! When the Administrators decide enough is enough, they will ban those Members that treat this Social Network (and it’s Members) like they treat Facebook Members!
    We believe everyone understands the Meaning, Spirit and Intent of this Social Network’s Standards!
    Please stay with Facebook if these Standards are too m […]

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